You are your own brand

A sense of style define your character, I always say people judge by what they see. You might be having the best personality in the world while your appearance screams the other way around. Some people believe that you don’t have to be fashionable to look good, well yes it is not about fashion but it’s about your outer appearance. It doesn’t hurt to put a little bit of effort in dressing yourself up.

Nothing to do with the price tag

Being stylish doesn’t have to cost a fortune, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that you need expensive clothes in order to look good. That is not true, you only need to be able to pick the right clothing items and know how to put your clothes together.  It is all about building your own personal brand, allowing the clothes to speak on your behalf and owning your own world. Presentation plays a big role in anything, if you present your brand well, it will definitely be well received and it’s lucky to grow, same applies to your look when you look presentable people will take you seriously.

Self-presentation is a brand presentation.


Santa left town

After all the fun times we enjoyed with our families over the holiday season, It is not easy to just move on especially having to leave our loved ones behind, going back to work and school.

Even though it’s a little tough, we’ve got to toughen up and start the new year on a high note. The best way is to put a positive attitude and look forward to a great year ahead of us, how to do this?

write a list of all the things that you want to achieve by the end of 2018.

work towards achieving your goals and plans for the year.

Mark everything that you achieve from  your list.

You  will be amazed by the results of keeping a record of your goals. It truly works, by the end of the year you will see how well you have done.

2018 is going to be the greatest year, I am in and looking forward to the best times, growth and success throughout.


My winter picks.

Hey! friends…for some reason, I decided to take a shopping break but now that winter is approaching here in South Africa. I need to update my wardrobe a little bit and I have some items to share with you. Well first things first, we all know that winter is about keeping warm, remember you don’t have to go out of style to be warm. my winter trick is, buy quality classic stylish items that you will keep for the winter seasons to come and still look stylish and forever on trend.

The first item on my list to keep warm this winter is the Blanket Scarf.

They come in different colors and can be worn in different ways to suit your style.

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2. The Knit.

you can never go wrong with a nice knit sweater any time of the day.

the knit

3. The Trench Coat.

A classic trench coat will last you for decades while remaining relevant and staying on trend.


The Skinny Jeans.

Skinnies are the best item for winter, simply because they are warm and they go with your entire winter wardrobe. You can rock your skinnies with your knits, trench, blanket scarf and boots or a nice pair of sneakers.


Finally, one last must have item for your winter wardrobe is a nice pair of Ankle boots or a pair of stylish Sneakers, to finish up your look. here is what I have for you.

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I hope you love my winter picks… stay trendy and you will never have a gray winter lol.


Vans convinced me to love sneakers again

I used to be a sneaker fan during my teen years, then I grew into a lady and started falling in love with more “feminine” type of shoes (high hills). I gave away all my sneakers as I lost interest and stopped wearing them. Lately, I have been thinking about getting myself a pair of sneaker shoes but then again was asking myself, which one will suit my style?

As I was browsing through I came across this beautiful vans collection. They are irresistible, colorful and stylish.

I need more of them in my wardrobe especially the metallic colors.vans3

I just love them…. so pretty and colorful.  vans2

Live your life in colour

Shine in your little space.

It is a privilege to have the gift of life, life is worth living no matter what the situation is. Many times we waste our time stressing about the things that aren’t going according to our plans. Well, it is human nature to worry however, it doesn’t help in any way rather it shortens our lifespan.

It would take us a lifetime to start living if we wait for things to go according to our will in order to be happy. Shine in the little space that you’re in right now don’t wait for anyone to tell what you can or cannot do, just be the best that you can be because ultimately, you are the best.

The art of life is to spend more time doing the things that you enjoy and don’t waste any more time doing what you don’t like.

Invest time in your goals.
Plan your future, set goals and start working towards attaining them immediately. Focus on a career that builds you and allows you to express your talent to the fullest.

Keep shining because life is worth it.


Inspiration comes from anywhere

If you want to be inspired everyday turn the negative things around and use them for your own inspiration. For instance, we’ve seen a lot of unhappy people protesting all over the world when Donald Trump became the new president of the USA. Well as much as I am not a fan of Mr.Trump, I decided to turn that around and use it for my own inspiration. The man has no political experience at all but today he’s president, that proves “dreams do come true” I don’t have to be the most qualified or experienced in order to achieve my goals. What I have right now is enough to take me further and more can be achieved.


It is very important to keep your focus on the positive side of things. Negative things happen all around us every day if you can just turn it around, you would be amazed how much you can improve in life.

Choose to be inspired

Create your own inspiration just like artists, those who love art view the universe as an inspiration. Photographers take pictures of random objects they come across and turn them into beautiful images, Visual artists are inspired by literally everything they see and put it into their art. Architecture, nature and the people we meet every day are inspiration enough for us to face the day with a smile.

A smile does the magic.